Board & Committees

The Middlesex County Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is governed by a 15-member board of directors responsible for setting the organization’s policies and priorities and overseeing its fiscal management. Board members serve two-year terms, and elections are held biannually at the Historical Society’s April membership meeting. All members in good standing are eligible to serve.

Board meetings are held at least six times a year, typically the fourth Thursday of the month. Members are welcome to attend.

Current officers 2020-2021

RIchard Adelstein, President
Alain Munkittrick, Vice-President
Krishna Winston, Secretary
Deborah Shapiro, Treasurer

At-large directors 2020-2021

Amy Albert

Catherine Branch Stebbins

John F. Bolles III

Stephen Dubey

Erik Hesselberg

Maria Madsen Holzberg

Mardi Loman

Peter (Buck) Zaidel

Standing committees 2020-2021

Executive: Richard Adelstein (Chair); Alain Munkittrick; Deborah Shapiro; Krishna Winston

Finance: Deborah Shapiro (Chair); William Ryczek; Pat Tully; Dan Ryan; Scott Bishel; Richard Bergen; Richard Adelstein (ex-officio voting member)

Ways and Means: Maria Madsen Holzberg (Chair); Amy Albert, Catherine Branch Stebbins; Alain Munkittrick

Buildings and Grounds: Alain Munkittrick (Chair); John F. Bolles III; Stephen Dubey; Krishna Wilson

Museum: Buck Zaidel (Chair); Jack Bolles; Alain Munkittrick; Dione Longley; Denise Mackey-Russo

Nominating: Buck Zaidel

Education/Outreach:  Stephen Dubey; Mardi Loman: Krishna Winston; Nancy Rogalsky; Rosemary Shea

Events, Marketing, and Communications: Amy Albert; Cathy Branch Stebbins; Maria Madsen Holzberg.